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My cuckold dream

This is how i’d love to live one day with a good loving woman who would love this for all the sex it details she and i get together a local group of hung black men to do her often in groups, could be anywhere from 4 to 10 men just depends on who wants to play and her desire they arrange times for them to gangbang the wife if enough men are in her group it could be arranged that one of the
guys, different guy each day/night comes over to fuck her, depends on her desire and if she wants some

She will deny me her pussy to fuck, our sex together will be me licking her pussy, rimming her ass, every night when we go to bed, or in the mornings if she likes an early morning orgasm, and without being ordered to obey it will just be wanted by both of us for me to lick her pussy when the guys cum in her if she does want to give her pussy to me it would only be after she has been fucked and cummed in by black men or she could deny me her pussy and only let me have her ass as her pussy would only be for black cock or we could play with her locking me in a chastity device, this is an interest and if a wife were to do this and give me her pussy to lick every day and train me to learn to live locked up for long durations with her making me orgasm by milking with a strap on i’d like to try this
My cuckold dream
And while all this goes on we still cuddle watching movies together and go shopping and out to eat and all. we could have intimate conversations of me licking her pussy and talk about the large black dicks that are fucking her and so forth. But maybe i’m seeking too much is this something other women would like?

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4 thoughts on “My cuckold dream

  1. I agree with you 100% I also wear a male chastity device like yours my girlfriend fucks all the black men she wants, while I watch in humiliation. I get the left overs when the black man is finished, I lick her pussy clean and if I do a good job I might get released for my cock cage to fuck her hot & sticky pussy still full of black seamen!! It is alot of fun serving the black race I enjoy it alot!!!

  2. This is a common fantasy amongst us white “men.”
    It is something to strive for as part of thte reparations that
    the white race owes to the Black race.
    White women having sex with Black males is a part of the
    reparations that we whites owe to Black males.
    That is why I encourage all white ladies – including my lovely
    white wife – to engage in sex with Black Men. It is the right thing
    to do on several levels.

  3. I agree that it is a fantasy and a desire by many white husbands to have the black man replace them as the providers of sexual intercourse for their white wives. Many white boys have stopped having sex and turned to masturbation leaving plenty of fresh and unfucked white girls for the black man to fuck.

  4. My wife has sex with many different Black men as I watch. I used to be in male chastity but since I was castrated I no longer require it. Being castrated is a way of showing my wife’s lovers that I am inferior to them and removal of my testicles has made me even more passive.

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