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27 thoughts on “Blonde for Black

    1. I would assume you and your bull are not becoming bored with each other. What’s in the future? Maybe a bigger train, introduce your friend to BBC, or maybe ?

  1. Oh boy did i get a suprise, my 2 bulls, bondage, a blindefold and the suprise. a white blonde female that used my body like its experienced before. im so confused melissa

    1. The big questions are: Did you enjoy the experience? and Do you want to do it again? Your extramarital affair is about feeling good and experiencing as many orgasms as you can A lot more women than you might think enjoy another woman. It just opens up the possibilities of pleasure. I find watching then participating to be very stimulating as do your bulls I am sure. Now you need to bring your curious friend and initiate her. I would assume that sharing the bulls wasn’t a problem.

  2. Torpedo yes i did enjoy being used by a female. the combination of being tied down, blindfolded and being at her mercy was orgasmic. then to be fucked by my bulls wow. melissa

  3. I sure watching the other woman use you was a turn on for your bulls. I would hope you got to watch her take man meat. A room full of people fucking and sucking can be a very pleasant way to spend an evening. No need to limit your self to a foursome. You did share your bulls with didn’t you?

  4. Torpedo i found out that although i enjoyed watching her get fucked i was also so jealous. never thought id be bi sexual?

  5. Jealousy can put the damper on a lot of fun. It’s important to remember NOBODY owns anyone else. What you are doing should be about sharing and pleasure. I am sure you were well fucked before the night was over. A lot of women from my experience, I would say over half, enjoy sex with another woman to some degree. If you received oral pleasures from your female partner you should return the favor. A big turn on for her , your bulls and should be for you would be to pleasure her orally then guide one of your bulls cocks into her and watch her take it balls deep. Of course it is a lot of fun when she returns the favor. Were you jealous because because she was making it with someone else or jealous because you weren’t getting fucked? Maybe you need to ask your bulls if they can dial it back a bit, You having more pleasure and orgasms than you have ever had in your life, don’t let jealousy spoil the fun.

  6. Torpedo my gf says she wants to be part of what im getting. i really dont think she can handle my bulls. we shall see melissa

  7. You didn’t say what you were jealous about, your female partner getting fucked or you not getting fucked. If your friend can’t handle the man meat then there is more for you. I have generally preferred initiating a new cummer to BBC in a 3 some or more. That way if she can’t handle it I am not left with a hard on and no place to put it. Plus when the rookie sees what the bull is doing to you and for you it can remove any hesitation she might have.. Your biggest concern is can she be discrete. If she is single and unattached it doesn’t make much difference who knows who she is getting fucked by. You don’t have that luxury, you need to be discrete

  8. Torpedo i think i got jealous because at that moment i wasnt getting fucked by my bulls and she was. my gf although single will be discreet because she does have an older bf who treats her like a princess. melissa

  9. I trust by the end of the night you were fucked senseless so you didn’t have anything to be jealous about. Bringing a a friend is a good way to keep your bulls interested. If you do things right you could end up with a small group of bulls and white women. This will allow you to mix and match with countless possibilities.

  10. Torpedo as usual your right, by the end of the nite my legs are so shaky i wobble when i walk. im so grateful for all your advice and comments thanks babe melissa

  11. People often loose sight of why they are doing what they are doing. The purpose of your extramarital affairs is getting the pleasure your marriage lacks. The bulls have nice cocks and you have nice places to put the cocks. As long as everyone keeps a proper perspective you will do fine. Their bodies belong to them as does your body belong to you. It’s all about sharing what you have for maximum pleasure. When someone starts thinking that they own someones body things can go downhill very quickly and it can spoil the fun. There are some people that are into domination that is sadistic or masochistic but not the majority, most people regardless of the color of their skin expect to be treated respectfully. Pleasure must always exceed any pain or discomfort I am dominant in bed but I try to understand my partner(s) desires and limitations

  12. torpedo im living a life of sexual pleasure i couldnt have imagined 2 months ago. i do have a penchant for b/d and mild s/m it gets my juices flowing. he he melissa

  13. If you have a penchant for mild s/m and b/d I think you would get a major rush bringing fresh pussy to your your bulls and watching her get initiated. s/m and b/d are about power over others. If you were playing the game with me I think I would be telling you you need to bring new pussy to the play area. When you did you would be rewarded. You obviously consider the risks part of the experience, your bulls could amplify it for you

  14. Well torpedo tomorrows thursday my fav day. i dont know how it can get better but it always seem to. g. nite sweetie melissa

    1. I am thinking about going on vacation, Europe and southern California are awful tempting. Would be interesting to find out where the best pussy is.

  15. Interracial photos and movies turn me on. I’m inviting and bbc with a long thick rock hard dick to contact me for a hot anything goes SEX!!!!!!!!

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