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The Boyfriend

This is my girlfriend and she is dying to have a full time black lover. She had one a couple months ago but it ended due to it being a co-worker and it was getting difficult. She loves the long cocks and cumming hard and often…..Portland, OrThis is my girlfriendThe Boyfriend

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7 thoughts on “The Boyfriend

  1. You should never fuck someone from work, nearly all the time you will run into complications. She looks extremely fuckable if you answer your emails promptly you should have no problem finding her a bull or two to spice up her life

  2. I am in portland and am ready to put my huge black one inside this girl. email me at Pdxfunn1@. Actually it says I can’t leave an email so i won’t complete it. Re-comment here and I’ll get back to you. My email proves I am in portland and I have a huge cock ready for her.


  3. Im 25 and would love to fill that fin pussy and lick that boady from head to toe Wish you in nova scotia 😉

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