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My fantasy cuckolding

I would love to come home to find my wife with a musclar black stud plugging her pussy from behind, and listen to her moans of pleasure as he stroked her to orgasm. When they finished, she would come over to me and inform me that she had found a better man and that I would have to surrender my manhood to her if I wanted to fantasy cuckolding After much begging & pleading on my part, she agreed to allow me to keep my small cock & balls if I passed her tests. I immediately agree and she strips me for the tests. Test 1 – SIZE – Knowing I am a small dicked lover, she gets on her hands and knees knowing that I can’t reach her pussy from there. I push and wiggle, but fail miserably. Test 2 – SIZE – She makes me stand belly to belly with her stud and holds our cocks together to compare the sizes. I fail again.
Test 3 – HOLDING OF WADD – She takes out a stop watch and I have to last longer than 30 seconds as her beautiful bottom rubs against my shaft. At 25 my cock fires off a large hot wadd all over her bottom.
Test 4 – Hardness – Wife lays on her stomach and raises her gorgeous ass to me. I am to have 1 minute to put my cock in. I lean my full weight over my prick and place it onto her asshole hoping to force it in. She gently begins to wiggle her bottom as she squeezes her bottom shut against my assault. Popped again and went soft. Laughing at me with her stud, she throws her panties and bra etc. At me and orders me to put them on. I refuse, so her stud forces me to straddle the arm of the easy chair in our living room while she pulls out my belt. Stroking it in her hand while her lover holds me pinned to the chair, she lays my balls out on the arm of the chair and asks me again to put them on. Upon refusing, she pulls the belt back and slaps it hard against my balls over and over again until I dress and become a good sissy.

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