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21 thoughts on “My Latina girlfriend

  1. hey mike, nice and hot gf you got there dude. i would love to give her a dark treat. ask her is she prefer her guy to only be deep dark, ebony toned, muscular and of course hung for the “true” black experience and the hot erotic contrast/mix? if she does post me as i can and do travel often. i am tall 6’1, lean muscular build, deep dark skin with a 8.5 in, thick jet black, thick and veiny pole. let me know man

      1. That is HOT!!, has she shown an interest in very Dark skin guys before, like staring too much. Could you ask her what she thinks about a long, thick JET black cock, because that is what I have for her. Get back at me man

      2. Or better yet, have her contact me on my profile in the community, so she can tell me herself. That would be a hot convo for both of us and I would give her the time and location for her to receive this deep DARK rod;)

    1. Hello, Mario and Ms.Mario 12″play go deep here I also live in chicago can we meet one day and hook up something for her by your approve? If, so how do we make this happen?

  2. What kind of stuff is ur sexy ass girl into? I can’t stop lookin at her pics, I hope the next pic if yyou post again is of her with a big black cock in her mout

  3. Mike your girl needs to get hammered by BBC…..she is made for that look at her body and her eyes she want to be on her knees looking up at me while swallowing ten inches of BBC

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