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No white dicks – interracial sex

White Women are 75 percent more likely to have public sex with a Black man, than a white man. 9 out of 10 White women admit they check out Black men at beachs more than they do white men[media id=864 width=591 height=443]Visit PersonalClips and feast your eyes upon the craziest amateur interracial orgies and see what happens behind closed doors in these sluts’ bedrooms!

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8 thoughts on “No white dicks – interracial sex

    1. Damn right! My white girlfriend was a hostess on a charter bus, and the driver was an older black man. To prepare her kinky mind, he used her sort of like a hood ornament. On the way to pick-up points to collect the passengers, he and she were the only 2 people on the bus. So he’d have Beth next to him up front as the bus was going down the road. Every time a truck approached them in the next lane, he had Beth flash her beaver at the trucker.
      Beth was giddy at having this form of public sex display with her driver. And after a couple of weeks of getting her to become “shameless,” he planked her on the floor of the bus during a layover. Beth said his BBC drove up her cunt and shot his cumwad right into her amygdala.

  1. as much as I agree us white guys need to be slaves to our black masters and white women, I’m going to call BS on those stats.

  2. Black men are AMAZING! I’d switch places with her in a heartbeat to get the wonderful feeling and tremors a Black man brings to my body when he does “what comes naturally”.

  3. lol lol ppl im white and my dick is pretty big. Iv seen to many black dicks and this white cock is bigger and slave? U fucking looser then grow a dick im runnin this shit wheres my slaves

  4. Great video! I’ve seen my hot and horny BBC loving wife getting thoroughly sexually satisfied almost exactly like this many, many times over the years. Who am I to keep her from enjoying immense pleasure like this?

  5. How I used to love to wake up on Saturday morning and walk into our kitchen and see my wife and Deke locked in an embrace that I knew was going to end up with him mounting her over the kitchen table, bar a chair or with her on her knees in front of him! Those were the days!

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