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What does a woman want from a man?

Honey, What does a woman want from a man- Confidence, Sense of Humor, Manliness, Domination, Protection, Physical compatibility. Sexual satisfaction, strong genes and of course an enormous cock. And who do you think has all this?

Do I have to spell it out? White women are built for black men, as simple as that. Why is it so hard for white men to get it. The only thing you have is money. I needed you to take care of me. But, now that my black bull has promised to pimp me out to black strangers. I’m gonna make shitloads of money.

It seems a bit harsh to charge black men for plundering my voluptuous body, something I savor immensely and have found to be my calling in life. But, hey anything to get independent from a sissy white man.

I advise all white women out there to get independent, and listen to their wombWhat does a woman want from a man

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6 thoughts on “What does a woman want from a man?

  1. Here’s what I think. Letting your bull be your pimp is not advisable. That’s putting too much control of your life (financial as well as sexual) in the hands of one person. If you want to be a prostitute for black clients, fine. Go to work for a madam running an escort service and tell her to set you up with black customers. Her other escort girls will provide you with information about other similar madams, so that if you want to change agencies you can switch when you want to. That will give you choice, independence.
    My voluptuous white girlfriend used a different strategy. She wanted to enter prostitution, so she learned strip-dance moves and began dancing in bars in a sort of circuit.(These were smaller “intimate” bars with stages that had room for only one, or at most, two dancers at a time.) During her stage performance, she was able to show off her beautiful face and body and turn everybody on. At the end of her stint, there were always several customers coming up to her wanting to take her to a motel for paid sex. If the bar was one that had a mostly or entirely white clientele, she turned white tricks that night. If the bar was one frequented by blacks, she had black customers. As she learned which bars were which, she could regulate her client inflow by scheduling herself to dance at the bars of her choice. In this way, she was independent, making good money, being a BBC whore whenever and to whatever extent she wanted.

  2. That’s Absolutely True! White couples need to have
    white babies to keep a steady supply of white pussy
    for the superior Black male into the future- absolutely.
    We must consider the need for white pussy for future
    generations of BBC Men – so white couple need to
    reproduce for this purpose – even if it’s done without
    intercourse actually taking place.

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