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Petite girlfriend gets her first BBC at swingers club

We’ve been to a club in a city near us a few times before this happened. I’ve been on some bp medicine lately that has really knocked my dick in the dirt that even Viagra and Cialis won’t fix. So, we’ve been going to the club to help with this and mostly, being around all these sexy couple and all the sex has helped get me partially hard. Enough to fuck, but not even close to what I have been able to do. We’ve never swapped or anything beyond some light kissing with other people.

So one night, my gf is dressed to kill and we are dancing and checking the other people out. We decide to head to the back where only nudity is allowed. A number of private rooms, couple orgy rooms and pool/hot tubs. We get naked in the locker room and head to the back. A number of very hot couples are already there, both black and white couples. I notice one black guy is really checking her out and I just think how lucky I am to have her.Petite girlfriend gets her first BBC at swingers club

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2 thoughts on “Petite girlfriend gets her first BBC at swingers club

  1. I want to fuck you so bad my black cock is very hard and aching right now. It would be so nice to tear your hot pussy up with him watching and waiting to clean us both. Honestly I don’t think my cock would ever go soft fucking your tight little white ass. When are we going to fuck baby?

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