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18 thoughts on “Seeking black men to do my wife

  1. I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I got to be in a picture like that and have it posted on the net.

  2. My husband loves to watch me get fucked by big black dick, I’ve never had 3 at once but I have had 2 black guys and my husband. He knows i love getting my pussy stuffed by a big black rod.

  3. The white females that are getting their first black dick (and their are many first timers now and growing)are somewhat overwhelmed by the power of the black dick and they can’t stop thinking about it and how great it was.

    They just have to tell somebody how fantastic it was and that somebody is her girlfriends. Then they start thinking about it plus she will tell them they have to do this they will love it. That is one of the recruiting processes that is getting all these new white wives and gf’s first time blacked.

  4. I want to get my wife first time blacked,i have told her this, she makes out that she is not realy intrested in having her first bbc-but deep down i think it turns her on. Guys check out her photos under the headings ready for a night out & hot wife for bbc bulls,leave any comments if you think she would be good to train as a new white wife slut/whore for bbc bulls. Many thanks qqf20c.

      1. Want to DP my wife need black male huge dick DP my wife’s pussy same time with baby oil very rough

  5. The only way I want my wife blacked is from A VERY LARGE black man and I mean VERY LARGE and with lots of stamina and a multi-cummer that is STD FREE but WOW would I love to see her take it and be covered and filled with CUM..!!!!

  6. Big black cock gods are taking over the white couples early in their life more and more!! The white woman is now infatuated witth the huge black cock stud!! White males are becomming more submissive whe the black studs get more dominant! White pussy soon will only want superior big black cock studs period!!

  7. My husband rewards me with letting me get fucked by big black cocka while he watches or sometimes just leaves me alone and then cleans up when they are done cumming all over me. I’m in pittsburgh, pa now and I need to find some black guys with big dicks. I mean big cause my white husband got a footlong so no one under 10inches needs to respond but whoever does cum thro for us will be pleasantly surprised cause I’m super hot and I’m a dancer who takes excellent care of herself . I’m 30years old, blonde, fit, 5’5 and 110lbs.

  8. We are a white couple looking for 8 to 10 black guys to gangbang my wife, she is 50 yrs old blond hair, blue eyed, 5’2″ 150lbs highly sexual, great oral skills. Safe sex only, and must be polite, she is the boss, Im just here to watch!
    We live in northern calif.
    thanks, my contact info

  9. My wife and I have talked about her fucking a black guy but nothing ever materialized. I’d love to see a nice looking and hung black guy fuck her. It’s been awhile but we’ve played in the past. From past experiences, I know she’d refuse if we made plans but she be all in if approached while we were out drinking. The problem is finding a cool black guy willing to approach her and talk her panties off. If you’re out there, you’ll have my full support.

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