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Shocked By Dicovery

While surfing for interracial porn on internet: hot white Milf loves daddy’s black dick. I was shocked by the discovery my white wife (I am white also ) was the star, so to speak of this video. I could feel my heart racing and pounding from the shock. She must have had a month long affair with this bbc during our first year of marriage. The sound was dubbed, so it’s not them moaning and groaning but I’m certain my wife did moan quite a bit as he tore her married white pussy up. He slapped her ass red, pulled her then short hair and completely owned her pussy. She was very loose and sloppy at one point for a couple months and now I understand why. She eventually became snug again, but it took some time.

We are still married and she will not discuss the video discovery. We did not have an agreement back then as we do now. Our new agreement/arrangement is for her to participate in extra fun if she desires as long as she communicates.

We came to this agreement after I discovered her affair with a thick cock cop that almost ruined our family and lives. Anyway, more later, bye for now. Although she somehow is very sloppy and loose again.

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