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11 thoughts on “Sketch for Melvins request

  1. Great pics as usual Wannabe, More and more of us white sissybois asking for this type of action, (our wives becoming black cock sluts), and us cucked wimp white husbands jack off our little tiny dicks. Whilst the real man ( the mighty black man ) deservedly is the only male allowed and is good enough to fuck women.. And pictures and films showing this are great, SO ARE THE DRAWINGS YOU PRODUCE. You can draw scenes that are extreme and also to an individuals taste. Keep it up. When you have a chance i would love to see that sketch with wife & hubs on lead, and wife 9 months pregnant. cheers

    1. Hey, this is precisely how it’s supposed to be in interracial if you’re not aware, the white man watches his lovely wife giving blow job’s and having vaginal and anal sex with black guys as he watches and he gets conditioned to absolutely love to see his precious beautiful lady please black men sexually.

  2. Thanks! That’s perfect! You’re quite the artist.
    Perhaps you’ll one day have your drawings displayed
    in an art museum.
    You should have an art exposition with your erotic drawings!
    Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Wannabe. All the comments ive read about your drawings, are ALL complementary, Keep up this work. As Neil said in another less narrow minded world, and a world ruled by the so so superior black man, your pictures WOULD be in an art gallery, as an example of your great work, and acceptance of the whites submission to the black masters

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