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6 thoughts on “Worship Big and Black

  1. It’s great to see how more and more white women and Black Men are
    enjoying each other – sex as it should be – as it was meant to be.
    It’s too bad we white guys can’t do anything to please Black Women
    as we little white guys have nothing to offer them – at least not sexually.

  2. well said ritchie. well said my good man!

    i get highly sexual aroused watching a horny white woman expressing her sexuality, and only an african man can appreciate her sexually enough to bring a white womans sexuality out.

  3. Nice video. However, would love to see the white lady getting laid!
    Of couirse it’s strictly up to the Black Bull as to what the white women’
    wear and what they do. Afterall, white women are here strctly to serve
    the Black Man and to make them happy in every way.
    Of course the husband (or b/f) should assist the ladies in their obligation
    to please the Black Man as this is the obligation of the white race.

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