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Southwest girl

Though my daddy is retired military from here in the southwest and my mother is from the P.I., my daddy still warns me of the black guys who I may come across from time to time who may be full of themselves and ready to dominate me and have sex with me, and I’m thinking as none of my white boyfriends from high school were ever capable of. I’m really kind of thinking that I should try black cock, most of the white girls I’ve known, all of my life have and they are all very supportive and encouraging saying that I will not be disappointed no matter what my daddy wantsSouthwest girl

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3 thoughts on “Southwest girl

  1. Your daddy is out to make sure you are protected. I have been with around 25-30 philipinas female ladies who enjoy my bbc. I like pounding their tight little pussy. You have to decide for yourself what is best for you and the fact you are thinking about it say it all.

  2. hello lovely angel, monica, i just want to know if you prefer your guy to be very dark skin and masculine, for the true black experience. if you do post me your reply

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