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That is Black power

It is a total eye-opener when you see your beloved being dug out or face fucked by some black stud who is really hung and well built so he is totally in control of her and she is lusting after him. That is Black power and these guys know exactly how to treat an eager slut who is will literally do anything to please him!

black power 1black powerblack power

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13 thoughts on “That is Black power

  1. Liked what I see and would like even more if it was my huge cock she sucks! If she could deep throught mine…I think she might!

  2. Liked what I see and would like even more if it was my huge cock she sucks! If she could deep throught mine…I think she might!

  3. Oh my god this chick is so hot she should be a model. i wish i can aet her ass all day and stick it in her and shoot my load in her beautiful mouth.

  4. This lady resembles my wife so much so that I almost lost my breath when I first looked at it. My wife had an affair with an old university friend of mine who happens to be black. We shared a dorm for three years while there. He and I lost contact with each other a year or so after graduation and met after a ten year hiatus at a convention we were attending. I always had this fantasy about my wife getting laid by a black guy, well after she met Edwin, she filled that fantasy. I enjoyed every stroke he gave her and I guarantee it, that was a hell of a load of enjoyment. I’ve got pictures of her and him doing a 69’r that looks identical to the picture above! My wife and this lady have got to be twins!

  5. she looks so hot here as she walks ahead of her black master while holding his huge and impressive black cock in an attempt to get him aroused and fully erect. She also looks extremely hot and sexy @ her black master’s feet on her knees, but in the 69 position she’s still disappointed @ her attempt to get her black master fully erect since her experiences with the white guys would’ve already had the guy fully erect and made him cum a long time ago, the black master’s are different because of their experiences with so many extremely hot and sexy white women they’ve become a little harder and more challenging to satisfy.

  6. Yes it’s true Chad, our most beautiful of white women are growing curious and/or desiring of black cock more and more each day in record numbers as more and more white ladies spread the word of the sexual superiority of the black man as a sexual partner.

  7. I have to say, years ago I convinced my sexy blonde wife to cuckold me and have sex with black men. My wife is in the same age as this poster and looks just as hot. It’s all true, she resisted for a while then to make me happy she fucked a guy. After a time she fucked another one. Now she is liberated. I am her chastity cuckold slave and she loves me and will never divorce me, (so she says) but she makes the rules now. At first I wanted her to stop. But she wouldn’t and now I am a true Cuckold. She lets me have sex with her, when she doesn’t have a lover otherwise I am denied and teased while she explores her sexual freedom. I must say… I love it, really, this is what I wanted all along and once I got past the feeling I embrace being a cuckold chastity slave and I would do anything for my sexy blonde Mistress/Wife.

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