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Here is a hot little poem I wrote for a white wives who love black

If you love your husband you’ll make him need
to watch his wife receive my seed!
Arouse him till he begs you will
The fantasy he needs fulfilled!

Till he desperate aches to make you bad
With what you need but have not had.
He’ll fear you’ll see it turns him on
To see your inhibitions gone.

Say you’ll do it, but JUST for HIM!
And increase his NEED to see you sin!
Forbidden sex will ignite desire.
And his lust will burn when you start the fire!
fuck my wife 2
Each sexual weakness that he reveals
you’ll use to change the way he feels
Increase his need till he BEGS to see
You naked, wet, spread wide for me.

He loves you is why it turns him on!
To make you need meright or wrong!
So cum for him as you beg for me
Tease him, say how bad you’ll be!

And smile as you explain to him.
I arouse you more than you’ve EVER been!
and make him hard as you make him beg.
To make his wife my sexual slave.

You both may find you can not stop.
That this is now what makes you hot
He needs to
fuck my wife 3fuck my wife 1

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6 thoughts on “Here is a hot little poem I wrote for a white wives who love black

  1. You have the most magnificent pussy I have seen…I love wet one and a woman who loves to receive my oral talents. If you ever need a true gentleman to exercise his tongue on your beautiful vagina, clit and hairy area. Best wishes, Marty

  2. I really want my wife black fucked,
    she’ll love you, want you and she’ll suck,
    that big black cock until it throbs,
    and then she’ll ride it til it shoots gobs.

  3. The night was still dark,
    though dawn breaking through.
    Around the corner a pimpmobile flew.
    It screeched to a stop,
    the door opened wide.
    And out stepped my wife,
    my “working girl” bride.

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