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The black chauffeur – interracial sex

It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but it was good luck for the bride to see the black chauffeur[media id=740 width=590 height=443]Shit, cant post full length movies here. Anyway Personal Clips is my site of choice. Posted so many vids with my wife sucking black cock!!!

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4 thoughts on “The black chauffeur – interracial sex

  1. Always great the see black men enjoying white women – especially
    bareback. Thanks.
    However, we need to see more black men reaching orgasm – in this
    way we know that the black studs have been truly satisfied.

  2. She Needed that big ass slapped harder & more often for her to move better. It’s her job to work faster if she’s riding on top!

  3. Hey! What’s the thing about white girls and black drivers? My white ex-gf (27) was working as a hostess on a casino bus. Then her superhung black driver (52) turned her on with some porn on a stopover. He soon had her hotted up and slutted out. She’d sit on his lap and flash her beaver at approaching truck drivers. And soon after that, she became a genuine prostitute.Her driver didn’t pimp her, but he did introduce her to a female friend of his who was a former hooker. So my gf was not only sucking BBC but also the ex-whore’s black pussy. I don’t know which of those two gave her better sex. I knew my gf was kinda wild, so I told her to go ahead and do her thing. Did she ever!

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