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4 thoughts on “White Interracial Bride

  1. We now know that her marriage is off to a beautiful
    and very enjoyable beginning.
    All the Best to the Groom, Bride, and to her many BBC Bulls

  2. There’s no reason to doubt she actually did this. Especially if she’d been BBC-inclined before marriage, it would’ve made for perfect symbolic sense for her to consummate her hew marriage by taking on five black men on her wedding night. Study her face. It’s not the look of an innocent (ignorant) virgin. But that’s good. She can wear white on the outside, but her tummy may already have black sperm busy fertilizing her as she poses for this picture. In any case, congratulations to her and may she and her husband have a happy and erotic life. And on her first anniversary, she should have TEN black bulls!

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