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19 thoughts on “White boy vs black guy

  1. I guess that freak dancing has got out of hand,
    I’ve see this on the dance floor. These girl don’t want to, but the guy is persistant in grinding her behind and she gets turned on.
    Nothing like humping a white girl on the dance floor or on the nearest couch.

  2. AS a white daddy, it is so pleasing to see our white daughters finding a handsome black stud to put that beautiful on her face and black cock craving and respect deep in her soul.

  3. this is a micro-cosm of the world. Sexy black man getting what he wants, hot white girl jumping on black man, as she laughs and screams out of pleasure. All the while poor white boy is alone trying to turn the other way cause he can’t handle what he’s seeing. he is dominated by women and black men. sound familiar?

  4. Gawd I LOVE Black Men and only Black Men such Big Beautiful Black Cock that I so Love to worship with my mouth and T-Girl pussy

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