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12 thoughts on “Why White Women go black

  1. BS! My wife says she likes it because of the taboo aspect. Also,contrary to the popular myth not all black men are hung like a horse and not all white men have tiny dicks. Plenty of well hung white guys out there too.

  2. why why? When I went to bed about 5 years ago, the first black man then I got a wonderful experience that has only black man to be my bed.
    BBC = stamina, powerful and beautiful black skin

  3. BS!!!! my girl’s previous little run in was with a couple black ppl. tiny. me? big. very big. this isnt true at all. i asked her if she enjoyed it. she gave me a no. i asked her if she would have sex with another black man. aside form the obvious answer of being with me she said never. and having a big dick isnt so amazing. im too big for her, so i can only go an hour before she hurts. so think about it.

  4. so true….my white wife was married 15years to a white man, and she said she would never go back..she loves my 8inch cock and the thickness makes her scream just by sticking the head in

  5. I want one of those big ones for my wifes 1st blk cock. Make mine look patheic. At least my wife
    Will be getting the proper fuckning she needs an deserves. My short, narrow soggy cock just
    Dont get the job done. I hardly can make her cum…be glad when she goes black. Hopefully
    She demands him as her fuck buddy. (Just take pix/ vidz for me)

  6. Fucking gorgeous pictures. These need to be seen by as many white women as possible, to let them see what they have been missing out on and what they deserve and should be getting.
    Comparison pics are always good for this. The top two pics showing two white women, one so obviously enjoying the most beautiful, luxurious big black cock and the other, just going through the motions with a boring undersized, ten a penny pink dick, will get many a white woman with a normal, healthy attitude to sex wanting to convert from white dick to black cock!!!

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