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X-wife travel – interracial sex story

My X-wife started to travel a lot when she moved into sales, then after a time it got to be a habit. I got the location of the hotel in Chicago that she was staying at, from her assistant who thought it would be “cute” if I dropped in and surprised her with “fresh flowers”. That was a laugh!

I got the the O’hare airport Hilton, where she was staying in the afternoon. Showed my ID to the desk clerk and convinced her that I was trying to surprise my wife – the flowers and presents did the trick. Got into the room and rigged it with a set of motion sensative cameras. They record when they see motion – cool stuff.

I left and got out just as I heard my wife’s voice in the hallway, a lucky break. The stairwell was 100′ from her room and I held the door open, listening… she was with someone. Her door clicked shut and their voices were cut off. She was with a guy.

The next morning, after she’d left and headed down to check out, I popped into her room to recapture my camera gear, the tape was full. As I headed home I kept wondering what I’d find, and I knew it was going to be hot.

My X is about 5’8″, has large round tits and a full ass, she’s got curves without being fat at all – the gym takes care of that. What I saw when I got the tapes into my computer and decompressed them was a tall black guy, his hands all over my wife, her lips all over him. He pulled her cloths off and she dropped her ass onto the bed to get her head down to cock level. As she sucked him, he took what was left of his cloths off and unhooked her bra. The camera doesn’t have sound, so I have to imagine her moans, it’s easy, i’ve heard them many times before.

Once he was good and hard, he pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, the camera looking over his shoulder to her face and between his legs to her open pussy. She was sopping wet and ready to be well nailed. Excactly what he did. For the next hour, until the tape ran out, this tall strong black guy simply screwed my wife until she could hardly breath. His cock was long and thick, his butt rippled with muscles and as his back arched in front of the camera lense.

As his back gleamed with sweat, he dropped down beside my wife and she rolled on top of him. Guiding his black cock into her dripping cunt, she sank down and began to grind her clit against his belly. Then, rising and falling on his big cock, she started to cum again and again.

I never saw the guy cum in her, he stayed hard for over an hour and she rode him for at least half that time. When she got home, she was just like “normal”. Except, when I slid down between her legs for a little taste she was red, swollen, puffy with the abuse she’d enjoyed from that long thick Black cock. I never said a word, and she just moaned and cried as I sucked her swollen pussy and she came again and again. When I pushed my cock into her, it wandered around looking for something to bump into, there was nothing to grip me, she’d been utterly stretched.

I’ve did this five times, and each time she fucked a different guy. If I count back to all the business trips, that would be more than 100 guys over five years, no wonder her pussy lips are stretched and her ass is so loose I can slide right in. She takes it in the ass all the time now, but that’s a different posting.

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