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You’re a cuck now

Yummy. Wonderful. You’re a cuck now with the joy of knowing that your wife has been fucked by the ultimate male, a black god. Now that she has tasted the forbidden fruit, your beautiful mistresss will never again consider you an adequate sex partner. There’s nothing like seeing her little white hands caressing those powerful black muscles while a black bull takes your woman and pumps her full of his powerful seed.
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4 thoughts on “You’re a cuck now

  1. Am I the only guy sick of seeing white cocks in pics?! I only want to see white sluts pleasuring our Black masters! Also, where are pics, of teens like Bree, being Black bred? Or Black pregnant? Plus, am I alone in wishing us white men & women were enslaved by black people?

  2. I want to be the slave of my wife and her black lover. I’ll go to work and be the provider and take care of the house while they just enjoy life and each other 24/7. I just want to enjoy the show. I just need a black man to take my wife and make her his.

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