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A white man’s confession

One day I came home early and caught my wife cheating on me with a black guy.

A part of me wanted to stop this repulsive madness. I was a white man trained to hate black men since birth. It hurt my white male ego to see the only woman I had loved give herself away shamelessly to a black man.

But then, I have always considered myself a sort of artist. I am an ardent photographer and have a natural eye for beauty. If I ignore the fact for a moment that this was my wife, then I couldn’t help but appreciate the splendor of the moment- A strong, black man carrying a gorgeous, blonde in his brawny arms and humping her like an oanimal.

Torn between the hurt, conservative, white husband and the liberal artist, I was forced to choose the latter by the sheer intensity of the moment. It was the prettiest moment of my life and I had to capture it.

The contrast of the color of their skins was exquisite…

His black cock repeatedly tarnishing the purity of her pink pussy. The rhythmic slapping sounds and her squeals of lust only added to this precious moment. It was a sight to behold… A marriage of brute strength with pure beauty.

How could the contamination of a beautiful white woman feel so chaste at the same time? No, no, Society must be wrong. This was nature painting its masterpieceA white man's confession

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3 thoughts on “A white man’s confession

  1. merc,
    Don’t know if your post is real or not, but for almost 6 years now I’ve enjoyed watching my sexy wife a countless number of times now, in that same position (among numerous others). You are correct – it is a work of art. The contrast is amazing. She tells me how much she loves to suck off black men, and one of the reasons she says, is seeing the contrast of her lover’s thick black cock against her white hand as she jacks him off and sucks on his cock-head.
    One of the things she always tells me that she wishes she could see but can’t, is his big dark dick as it is sliding in and out of her cunt, with her pink pussy lips stretched tightly around it. Later on when we are at home alone, she loves to buzz her pussy with her favorite vibrator while checking out the pics that I take of her latest fuckdates cock in different stages of being thrusted in and out of her own pussy. Seeing that gets her off big time, which gets me off big time. It is extremely erotic watching my wife play with herself as she is looking at pics of herself being fucked hard. She really likes the shots of her lover’s balls pressed up against her pussy, knowing his whole dick is hidden deep inside. Her favorite of all the pics, though, is the shots of his cumload leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES the moments when her black lovers shoot their cum deep into her. I don’t know why, but it definitely gets her off in a big, big way.
    It’s a win-win situation for all of us!

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