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Nice looking black dominant

Detroit Metro Area only Not a bed hopper. Nice looking Black Man. Looking for young couple where I am dominant and will respect wife sub to her hubby and Me. It will be a toe curling experience. Not interested in ruining marriage just enhancing and showing her how to be that wanton whore with hubby and another man that He has been bugging her to try Will teach you all proper oral arts and anal as well if it is agreeed and taking large cock the proper way. Hubby must be present and D and D free a must for both as I am and intend to stay that way. Wife will be fucked minimum 3 times during the afternoon and I will not participate if thiis is a one time only experiment. Bi monthly should be expected at least for half a year.. sex is safe sane and consensual. IF hubby requests He may leave the room but must be within earshot distance. This is up and up and all limits respected. I am a gentleman and and a very nice dominant Male Not a bed hopper. N I am a very generous man.
I understand that many are having some hard times these days in the area and I will pay child care and room accomodtions as well as incientals or dinner etc. and any inconveniences. I undetrstand and am generous to a fault to all at every session So do ont hesitate… Very discreet profesional man. Met at bar first if all goes well then a go if ot no big deal a free drink and a smile from a nice guy.

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